What we believe

We are a global industry leader with a mission:  To aid ministries to do more,  faster and safer. Since 1997 we emerged as a missionary training school that helps young, and experienced, pilots to reach new heights. By substantially strengthening ourselves, we can deliver far-reaching benefits to pilots and those who have only started their immersion in the world of missionary pilots.  In addition, we continue to provide aid to ministries in the United States of America, Mexico, and Central America.

Alpha Aviation Mission Outreach Center Inc. Is a non-profit IRS Recognized 501(c)3 school.

Founded for the express purpose of training individuals to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through missionary aviation.

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‘In this way the word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power.’ Acts 19:20

Get involved with our Mission Outreach & Education Programs: You can change the lives of many individuals by meeting their greatest needs. Many established missionary aviation organizations of today have strict qualifying requirements to join them. Often, a pilot must have commercial, instrument and multi-engine ratings with 500 or more flight hours and a mechanic certificate. If a person does not meet these requirements, they will not even be considered as a candidate to work with these organizations.Our goal is to take a person who feels called to work as a missionary pilot/mechanic and prepare that person with the necessary qualifications to serve with other missionary organizations, or as an independent missionary.

Our vision

1. Prepare missionary aviators through the following disciplines:

a. Pilot Training
b. Aircraft Mechanic Training
c. Bible School

2. Develop a U.S. maintenance and training base consisting of:

a. Private Airport
b. Hangar, Office, Prayer Tower
c. Missionary Housing
d. Aircraft and Equipment
e. Missionary Support Services

3. Develop a foreign maintenance and training base.

4. Promote and facilitate missionary trips supporting missionaries and spreading the gospel.

5. Provide ministerial Licensing and Ordination.

6. Provide tax-exempt status for independent missionaries.

“Where there is no vision,the people have no direction.

Where there is no structure,the people are undisciplined.

Where there is no strategy,the people are discouraged.”

What we offer

  • Instruction in aircraft maintenance through “On site job training.”

  • Student, Private and Commercial FAA Certified Pilot Training.

  • Aircraft maintenance services to other ministries and missionary organizations and mission-minded businesses.

  • Preparation of aircraft for missions while training aircraft pilots and mechanics for mission service.

  • Pilot training in actual missionary operations.

  • Regular mission trips in support of missionaries and mission bases.

  • Delivery of medicines and supplies to third-world nations and for disaster relief.

  • Soul winning mission trips.

  • Transportation of personnel in support of missions.

  • Missionary support services.

  • Technical and flight training as a non-profit organization.

  • Aviation and Ministry Fellowship.

Ministry Fellowship & Support

Alpha Aviation Mission Outreach Center Inc. is supported by contributions from individuals, churches, other Christian organizations, relief and humanitarian organizations, and businesses of all types.

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Clients say

My experience has been amazing

I hope this personal testimony of my flight training experience will draw potential pilots to move from dreaming to flying with Alpha Aviation.

Mike Hawkins in Flight

Our Team

Pamela Baumann

Pamela Baumann

In 1983 Pamela moved with her late husband Enrico and their then 3 children to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and in 1984 her youngest daughter was born. 
Randy Baumann

Randy Baumann

Randy is the founder and president an is responsible for the company's operations, senior pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Authorized Inspector, mission trip coordinator and team leader
Benjamin Otto Serafin

Benjamin Otto Serafin

Benjamin has a Commercial Hot Air Balloon Pilot and is building flight time for fixed wing. His goals are to become a Missionary Pilot, Aircraft Maintenance Technician and


Aircraft Managment & Maintenance

Aircraft Managment & Maintenance

Meticulous care, industry experience and timeliness are hallmarks of Alpha Aviation's Aircraft Maintenance. Established in 1997, our maintenance department can repair most any light aircraft
Professional Flight Training

Professional Flight Training

Whether you are a young pilot or an experienced one, you can always turn to our experts for help in your training to achieve all the necessary skills to becoming a great pilot.
AMT Career

AMT Career

Aviation Career Programs: Our team works hard on establishing the perfect training atmosphere, where picking an appropriate training ground in a number one requirement.
becoming a missionary pilot

becoming a missionary pilot

Do you have a calling on your life to become a Missionary Pilot? Our step by step missionary course gives you all the necessary skills to achieve your career goals!

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  • Simgle Engine basics
  • Professional equipment
  • Aircraft Rental
  • Experienced trainers
  • Useful literature
  • Free consultations
  • Air Traffic Tower Tours
  • Affordable prices on additional services
  • Sharing your experience
  • Student discounts
  • Pilot Tips
  • Mission Trips
  • History of aviation
  • Honds on Mechanics Training
  • Airplane school for adults and children
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