General Information

Q. Do you have / how long are you gone on typical short-term mission trips?
Q. Are English classes available?
Q. I'm looking for the best way to get the training required to serve with other aviation mission organizations. Can you provide this training?
Q. When does enrollment begin?
Q. Are your training programs recognized by the FAA?
Q. What accommodations are available?
Q. Am I responsible for my own housing?
Q. Is it possible to talk with a former and current student?
Q. I have been told that most missionary aviation companies require a college degree of some sort, preferably a four-year degree. Is this true?
Q. Are loans and grants available?
Q. My son is currently attending college. His goal is to get his pilot's license and serve as a missionary pilot. He will need to work a job after college to pay off student loans. Do you have suggestions on ways he could serve while holding down a job to keep his dream alive?
Q. Does your organization help with debts due to colleges loans, etc?Spoiler Title
Q. My son is interested in mission aviation. I don't know a lot about missionary service, but I want to do everything I can to help him reach this goal after finishing high school! Do you have suggestions on how we can encourage him at this point in his life?
Q. Is it possible to complete the A& P Mechanic and Pilot Courses at the same time?
Q. Once I complete the pilot and mechanic training programs, how long before I would be able to fly for a mission organization?
Q. Are missionary pilots paid for their work?
Q. Does Alpha Aviation offer actual experience in the mission field?
Q. Does Alpha Aviation offer actual experience in the mission field?
Q. Do you accept International Students?
Q. What opportunities are available for missionary pilot and mechanics?
Q. I'm an experienced airline pilot. Can I volunteer my vacation time to fly for mission trips for Alpha Aviation?

Application Process

Q. How do I apply for your Pilot and Mechanic Training Programs?

Missionary Jump-Start Program

Q. When will the two-week Jump-Start Program begin?
Q. What qualifications are needed to apply for schooling?
Missionary Courses

Pilot Training

Q. When are starting dates for Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings?
Is the cost of fuel figured into the pilot training programs?
Q. Would I be able to fly everyday of the week, including Saturday, to get the time in?
Q. Would you suggest that I get the commercial pilots license and multi-engine ratings as well?
Q. How long does it take to complete the Instrument, Commercial and Multi-Engine Training Programs?
Q. How long does it take to complete the Instrument, Commercial and Multi-Engine Training Programs?
Q. Are the Pilot Training Programs an eight-hour day?
Q. After I have my private rating, how long does it take to complete the necessary ratings to be a missionary pilot?
Q. What ratings are necessary to be a missionary pilot?
Q. What extra training do you require to become a missionary pilot?
Q. Is there a need for missionary pilots in the U.S.?
Q. Concerning the cost of flight training, do you have to pay up-front?
Q. Are flight exam fees included in the total cost of each program?
Q. What taxes are applied to training costs?
Q. What are the starting dates for each pilot training program?
Q. What are the prerequisites for beginning the Instrument Pilot Program?
Q. Concerning obtaining the CFII rating, what is the estimated total cost including aircraft rental for the cross-country time?
Q. How often is the $45 Membership Fee due?

FAA Certification Courses currently available: 

Our Private Pilot Certification. read more

High Performance & Complex Endorsement. read more 

Our Commercial Pilot Certification read more

Our Instrument Pilot Rating. read more

Multi-Engine Pilot Rating. read more


Mechanic Training

Q. What is the mechanic training like?
Q. Are girls able to handle the mechanic training?
A. What text books do you use for the A&P training?
Q. Do you allow A&P mechanics who have recently obtained their certificate to volunteer for the purpose of gaining experience?
Q. How much does the Mechanics Program cost?